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From keeping your kids entertained to finding new activities to do as a family, the lockdown has put our creativity to the test. Thankfully, with the Family Retreat and BRIO, there’s no excuse for boredom! With our expert group of inventive minds, you and the family will soon be crafting nature wands, squishy soap, and other awesome items. In addition, our celebratory story-tellers will be reading some of our favourite children’s books throughout the festival.

Upcoming Events

Storytime and Crafting with Kim Hillyard6:00 pm

Join Kim Hillyard, debut author and illustrator, to hear her read her debut picture book Mabel and the Mountain – a story all about positivity and believing in yourself. Following the reading, Kim will share how to make your own hanging happy sunshine for your happy thoughts. When times get tough halfway up the mountain, Mabel thinks happy thoughts, helping her to keep going and eventually reach the top.

Upcycled Shadow Puppets with The Joy Journal’s Laura Brand (Subtitles)8:30 am

Bring bedtime stories to life with your own set of shadow puppets based on your favourite story. Please choose your four characters beforehand and be ready to draw them or copy them out in your own way. Grown-ups may need to help with cutting. (We will make 4 shadow puppets!)

You will need:
– An old cereal box or cardboard
– 4 paper straws or sticks
– Masking tape
– Scissors
– Pencil
– A torch

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