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Family Retreat

Main Stage

Mind & Body Reset with Richie Norton joined by Fearne Cotton brought to you by AVEENO® (Subtitles)

Use the power of breathwork to deepen your movement practice, mobilise your body, and relax the mind.

Your Wellbeing, Your Responsibility with Mr Motivator

Mr Motivator, real name Derrick Evans, shares his tips on how to keep both our minds and bodies healthy…. Everybody say “yeah, let’s get in our Happy Place!”

Meditation Mountain

Emerald & Tiger: Breathe Love Sleep Sound Session with Jasmin Harsono

This is a lying down meditation.

Jasmin will guide you through a sound session to help aid better sleep. She will share a winding down guided meditation and play the healing sounds of crystal bowls, gongs, and intuitive soulful vocals.

Any tension may start to disperse, enabling the mind, body, and soul to flow – connecting to intuitive wisdom, the intelligence of the heart, and the power of the universe.

Create a cosy space with lots of cushions and blankets to support you. Grab a pair of headphones to tune in and surrender to sound for 45 minutes.

*Keep a notepad and pen close by – write any thoughts or feelings that arise after meditation. Create a space that is comforting and relaxing to you. If you’d like, light your favourite candles, or use essential oils or incense to help aid meditation. You will be lying down for the duration of the session, so make sure that you create a place that is comfortable. Grab a blanket as the body temperature tends to change during meditation. If you can, please wear a pair of headphones to listen through or use a Bluetooth speaker.

Precautionary guidance for sound healing:
It is advisable to avoid eating a heavy meal or drinking alcohol beforehand. Pregnant women in their first trimester or those with pacemakers should avoid. Those with sound-sensitive conditions or with metal implants may be affected by the sounds and vibrations. Before attending a session, please seek medical advice if you have any questions or concerns.

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The Bar

The Kitchen

Join Oli The Choc in an upbeat and interactive chocolate demonstration in The Kitchen and learn how to work with chocolate like a master chocolatier!! Choc n Roll style! ??

Using Oli’s step-by-step instructions and live tutorial, you will no doubt unlock a passion for chocolate!
Make your very own decadent Vegan truffles from start to finish!

The Chocolate provided is Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher & Halal.

Let’s Choc ‘n’ Roll! ??

Why not purchase your kit in advance, with all profits going to the NHS! buy here

Your Kit Contains:
Dark Chocolate, greaseproof paper, lollipop sticks, chocolate and piping bags.
Your Kit contains enough to Make 1 batch of 10/15 truffles and 1 lollipop.
Add a bandana to wear whilst making your truffles, Oli The Choc style.

Equipment You Will Need;
A pan or bowl suitable for whichever you will melt your chocolate (Microwave or Hob), scissors, greaseproof paper, fridge/freezer, microwave or hob.

Additional Ingredients You Will Need;
– Flavour, such as orange or vanilla essence. Or alcohol to flavour your truffles.
– Inclusions to decorate your truffles if you wish such as cocoa powder, sprinkles, or icing sugar.
– To make your ganache you will need an alternative to cream, we would recommend:
coconut milk, soya milk, mineral water, or alcohol.

The Tyla Tent

Wellbeing Garden

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