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Unlike other traditional festivals, there’s a focus here on mindfulness and self-care, reflected in the upbeat ambiance. Our festival is alcohol-free, providing a refreshing alternative that prioritises well-being, connection, and enjoyment in a safe and inclusive environment.

The Talk Stage sits at the heart of the festival, offering thought-provoking talks, discussions, and panels, as well as live podcast records with Fearne. Our Centre Stage showcases a broad selection of entertainment and workshops without the need to book in advance. The Expressive Arts area is the perfect place to unwind and immerse yourself in live music, poetry, book readings, and spoken word. Then you can finish off your day at the festival with one of our closing acts on the Centre Stage.

We also encourage you to get inspired and try something new at any of our bookable workshop tepees. Please note all of our pre-bookable classes will require an additional charge on top of your standard festival ticket.

As the day draws to a close, you should find yourself feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired. Happy Place Festival isn’t just a temporary escape from the chaos of the world—it’s a reminder to prioritize self-care, cultivate gratitude, and embrace the beauty of the present moment in your everyday life.